Tuesday, August 19, 2014

If you build it...

"If you build it he will come..."
                                                                         Field of Dreams 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Morgan Freeman?!

The Reluctant Farmer and I went to the fair last week, and while we were there walking around the exhibits I found the biggest and baaaad-est sheep at the fair.  But being big was not the only cool thing about this boy...

Me:  "Whoa!  Look at that giant sheep!  He's my favorite." I exclaimed, as I ran up the the largest sheep I had ever seen and the clearly the biggest sheep in the exhibit at our local fair.

The Reluctant Farmer:  "That one is your favorite?!"

Me:  "Yes!  Isn't he cool?!  And he is so sweet!"

The Reluctant Farmer:  "I don't know.  I can't get past the fact he looks like Morgan Freeman...."

Well, now that she mentions it, she might have a point....

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Little Free Library Project

Several years ago I read about a program called the Little Free Library.  It's a take a book, leave a book program that offers a way for people to share books in their neighborhood.  As a lover of books, I was immediately intrigued by this concept and really wanted to host my own Little Free Library.  

My uncle and I made plans to make a box for my library project, however things like weather and time got in the way.  Several weeks ago though I bit the bullet and purchased a pre-assembled box off of the Little Free Library website (www.littlefreelibrary.org).

My box arrived last week, and I was so excited to get it in the ground but I knew I needed help with the installation due to the fact it weighs 45 pounds and I did not want it to fall over on anyone!  
Much to my surprise my mother called me yesterday and mentioned during our phone conversation, that my Uncle Craig was in town.  I knew if this box was going to make it out of my living room and into my front yard, this was the day.

Generously Uncle Craig agreed to come help me make my dream a reality, and after a visit to the hardware store he got down to business!  (If you ever get the chance to watch a true craftsman work, it's pretty intense.) He measured everything 14 times, made it all flush and perfect, and I can assure you there will be no teenage thug ripping my library out of the ground!  (Nor, will it fall on any small children.)  His work is top notch!

The finished product is everything I hoped it would be.  I am so excited!  If you are in the neighborhood of 319 S. Fifth St., Tipp City, Ohio, please come by and visit my little library.  It has a bit of something for everyone.  Or better yet, visit their website and start your own Little Free Library today!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Riddle...

I have a little riddle for you, my readers...

What has 8 legs and 3 heads?

Do you give up?!

2 girls and a patient horse!

These two young ladies are adorable, with their love for horses and good times.  Tiger was more than willing to give them a lift after Katzya's riding lesson today.