Sunday, October 5, 2014

Forget the past

I sure by now most of you have seen the movie Blindside, and if you haven't I recommend you do.  It's a movie that will change your life!  Addie reminds me of Big Mike off that movie, and not just because of her size.

Yesterday,  as The Reluctant Farmer and I were in the shelter, she kept saying to me:  "I want to take that dog home with us.  Even if we don't keep her, she doesn't deserve to be in a shelter." My major reservation was that we had two 5 pound chihuahuas at home, and I did not want them to be a mastiff snack if Addie decided she didn't like other dogs.  Not to mention, what if Addie didn't like cats or people?!  None of these thoughts were necessary though.  Like Big Mike on the movie Blindside, Addie's biggest gift is that she is able to forget the past.

Even though it is obvious someone has not been very kind to this dog by the state of her health, the way she shrinks away from our hands if we try to touch her head too fast, the fact she has terrible ear infections in both ears and is urinating what appears to be sand, Addie has been sleeping non-stop since her arrival, as if she knows her worries are over and she can finally relax.

We will do our best over the next few weeks to get Addie to a place where she is healthier.  I don't know what the future holds for her, but it's brighter than her past and she is running towards it, not looking back!  Dogs are my heroes for that reason.  There is no victim mentality.  They live in the moment, take people at face value, and don't let the past define them.  Perhaps the human should  take a lesson from the dog....

Saturday, October 4, 2014

I've been duped....

This morning I went to volunteer at the animal shelter and I was working with an enchanting pitbull puppy, when I noticed she was loaded with fleas.  I called the Reluctant Farmer, and asked her to quickly bring some flea control for the pooch and when she did, I was duped.  Our friend Christine and The Reluctant Farmer plotted against me and now I have a bull mastiff sitting behind me as I work at my desk.  

I whined about fostering this girl because of her size and the fear of bringing home a dog of this caliber with my other dogs and cats, but I must hand it to this girl, she is a dream.  Tonight I watched her look down at her feet before moving to make sure she wasn't stepping on Fat Tina or Esa.  She has not so much as even looked cross eyed at another dog here or cat, and honestly I think a mastiff is just my speed as they have two speeds:  slow and sleep!  Life with Addie is not all rainbows and fuzzy bunnies though due to the horrible shape she is in, but we are working on some medical issues she is currently dealing with, and hopefully in a few weeks Addie will be able to go to her new home.  Although The Reluctant Farmer is hoping she is already there.....

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Halloween, Horsey Style!

Today was the annual Halloween party at the horse barn.  The kids dressed their horse and themselves in costumes.  It was a lot of fun and they really put a lot of time into their planning.  We learned a very important lesson though.... Where it will not harm a horse to use acrylic paint mixed with water on their coat, it is terrible to get off of them!  Next time, tempra paint...  Or actually, no paint at all.  That was no fun on the my end.  (The Queen could not bathe the horse and risk getting her costume dirty so her mom came to the rescue.)

Katzya and Mia went at Queen Elsa and Sven from the movie Frozen.  (Look closely to see the antlers...)  Also in attendance we had a pair of fairies, a little Indian girl, and Mickey and Minnie.  I was surprised the horses left their costumes on and none of them freaking out about the antlers, horns, mouse ears, etc.  

Goes to show the love between a horse and it's rider knows no boundaries.  I'm sure the peppermints  helped to sweeten up the deal....

Monday, September 22, 2014

Crashing news! Literally....

This morning I was going through our local McDonald's drive-thru, running late to work in a usual Monday morning fashion, when I happened to glance to my left and there peering out of the newspaper stand was an article titled: A New Library in Tipp.  It took my brain a millisecond to realize that the picture under the heading was of me!  Naturally, I had to back up and look again, just to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me in the early morning hours.  Unfortunately, I did not notice the small black car with it's headlights off behind me.....


I get out of my car, assess the very minor damage to both cars, apologize to the woman I bumped into, and start rambling on about how sorry I was while I try to explain what I was doing.

"Oh my gosh!  I am so sorry!  I did not see you there.  I was just looking over at that news stand, backed up for a better look at myself and BAM!  There you were."

She looked at me as if she was already having a bad morning that had just gotten worse, and said:  "Were you trying to see yourself in the reflection of the glass?  Were you trying to fix your hair?"

"No, I wear my hair like this all the time!"  I exclaim.  "See there?," as I point to the news stand.  "That's me!  How cool is it that I'm in the newspaper this morning, and look that that font size!  It is HUGE!"

I can see she is not impressed.  Quietly I give her my insurance information, apologize once more and we part ways.

I knew my next call was going to be to the Reluctant Farmer.  I had to call her for two reasons.  First, I needed to have her drive to McDonald's to buy a copy of the newspaper because I had no cash on me.  (Priorities!)  Second, I needed to explain to her why our car insurance premiums were going to increase.  Sadly, she was not impressed with the latter half of the conversation, therefor she was really not impressed with the first half of the conversation either.

My good mood was not going to be derailed though, even when she later texted me a picture of the article with a message that read:  "Hooray for slow news days!"

I think someone is bitter about my font size.....

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stolen saddles, diarrhea and a broken toe....

Let me start off this blog post by saying I think I broke my toe.  And it hurts hella bad....

Recently there have been some issues at our horse barn with stolen tack.  The thieves have been targeting saddles, and where our saddles are nothing too special, it would be very inconvenient to replace them.  Because of this we have been toting our saddles back and forth to the barn, which is also inconvenient, but I flat out refuse to give a thief anything if I can help it.  

When the saddles are home they sit on a portable saddle rack in the living room just waiting for my unsuspecting little toe to find them when I make late night "pee-pee" runs and cut the corner too close.  

I must confess that every time I hit my toe on that rack of saddles, I loudly throw out to the universe that I wish eternal diarrhea upon that thief, and hope karma makes his belly hurt.  I hope it feels like a Skyline/Chipotle/Coldstone Creamery kind of night and he regrets ever being dishonest.  I also hope this moment hits him after someone else in his household has used the last roll of toilet paper.  And while he is sitting on that "white thunder box" I pray he reflects back on his less than stellar behavior and makes better choices for the future....

Friday, September 12, 2014

Give me back my testicles!

Two weeks ago we pulled a very scared, un-socialized Border Collie from our animal shelter.  As luck would have it we found a rescue for him and agreed we would keep him for two weeks until another foster home came available.  

He came to us a trembling mess of nerves hardly able to stand, and with his tail tucked so tightly underneath him, that it looked like hid tail had been docked.  He left a jolly sort, minus two testicles, whom had finally known love.  

Now I don't speak dog, but I think I completely understand what he was trying to tell me today:

Thanks for everything!  
The love, the kindness, the fun!  
But give me back my testicles....

Thank you Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue for giving this guy and the many other a chance at life.