Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mascot of the Tire Store


I've had a pesky rear tire that keeps going flat every few days.  It turns out it has a slow leak in it due to a nail.  Today, Blake and I set out to have it repaired at the local discount tire store.  Blake clearly had a better time than me.  I had to shell out over $100.00 for a tire.  Blake weaseled a child out of some french fries and a chicken nugget.....

Beauty in the Now


This week I took a leave from work, and I'm spending my time on Pony Girl's farm.  There is something beautiful about being on her farm.  The simplicity of helping to feed the horses is what I enjoy the most.

There is comfort in being greeted by a whinnying chorus of hungry charges on a crisp winter morning, the smell of horse sweat and molasses in the air, and the rhythmic chewing of hay.  Where I feel like most of my life is hurried, I don't rush through this task, I instead love to set my pace and let my stress melt away.

From the moment grain hits a bucket, or twine is cut on a bale of hay, there's a peace in knowing you're providing for another being.  It's primal, it's humbling, and there is an easy silence that resonates deep within my soul.  It makes everything right in my world and it's a miracle I am privileged enough to witness every morning this week.