Monday, March 19, 2018

Striking Out

Today was rough.  Dad was in a horrible mood when I arrived at the nursing home.  I brought him his traditional bananas, diet Pepsi and Reese cups, and he still was just not happy.  He laid in bed for most of my visit, not wanting to go for a walk or for me to push him in his wheelchair.  Perhaps the most uncharacteristic thing he did today though was strike out at Fenna and yell at her.  I quickly told him to stop being mean to the dog and explained to him that I would not bring her over to visit again if he was going to strike at her.  He told me he didn't care, exclaiming that he hated all animals.  This is so far from who he really is.  He LOVES animals and would not strike an animal if he had to when he is in his right mind!  

Fenna actually handled my father's outburst better than I did.  It was as if she knew that something was off with him today.  She quickly dodged him when he yelled at her, and she looked at him confused for half a minute, but came right back and laid down at the foot of the bed on the floor.  She was quiet and watched him, but was unaffected and willing to forgive him.  

I'm praying this is not a trend.  I didn't know the man I saw today.  
He was not my "dad". 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Hiking And CSI Don't MIx....

NicuK and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather recently and took our pups for a hike in the woods across from our new house.  Now, I know, it's a bad idea to explore woods after watching CSI and Criminal Minds, and instantly from the moment I stepped into the woods, I was on high alert.  

When we entered the woods, Fenna immediately started "hunting" for something.  I assumed she was looking for "deer raisins".  I then noticed a huge rib cage, spine and a femur sticking up in the air.  Immediately I looked at NicuK and said:  "God, I hope that's an animal!"  Upon closer inspection, we determined it was a deer.  By the looks of the decomposing body we are guessing the big guy had been dead for several months and due to the broken tines on his rack, we are assuming he was hit by a car.  Fenna was in heaven!  NicuK was not so much in heaven.  She had been watching for this deer for a while after seeing his hoof prints in our front yard, so to see such a magnificent guy dead was kind of a disappointing.  

On the way out of the woods, NicuK stopped suddenly, put her hand over her heart and goes:  "Oh God, that scared me!"  I couldn't quite see what she was looking at when she said this, and then I saw her.  After finding the dead deer and still in my CSI/Criminal Minds state of mind, I nearly had a heart attack!  For a second I thought we were going to have to call 911, and then I realized, she was just a mannequin with a bad hair cut who obviously, by the marks on her forehead had experienced a run in with some type of sharp object.  

I'm hoping for a little less excitement and a little more bravery by the time Spring in Ohio really arrives....

Saturday, March 10, 2018

My Dog Can Fly!

We don't call him Toad Hopper for nothin'!
My dog can fly!  
What's your dog's super power?!

Well meaning people say to me all the time: "Oh, I want a Malinois!"  And generally they've met a well behaved Malinois whose owner who really "gets" this breed.  I always answer their questions, but generally I try to talk them out of this breed for the picture above....

I often tell folks: "They aren't a dog, they're a lifestyle.  The only thing a Malinois does poorly is nothing.  The go ALL day long, and then are ready to go again."

I love this picture of Kay and Toad playing fetch this afternoon.
It really shows the athleticism behind this breed.... 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Wrongly Labeled

I'm a strong woman.
Some might consider me short tempered or bitchy.
Evidently some consider me aggressive.
I don't like that connotation.
I especially hate when people use it as a way to describe me negatively.

In all honesty, I'm not aggressive.
I'm assertive.
There's a difference.

I'm confident.
I'm passionate.
I know what I want.
I'm sure of myself and I don't care what other people think about me.

I seldom behave.
I'm occasionally hard to handle, and if you are weak or mild you may be intimidated by me.

Often times people take me for being rude.
Please don't confuse my directness with rudeness.
There is a difference.

No,  I don't sugar coat things.
It's not my style.
In fact, I'm honest to a fault sometimes, and I will hurt you with the truth before I tell you a lie.

I think a lot.
I constantly reflect and evaluate my emotions, in an attempt to be a better human being.

I will never hurt you intentionally, and I will feel horribly guilty if I hurt you accidentally.

I can't stand someone who lies, and I will not hesitate to cut you out of my life if you break my trust.
I will forgive you as it takes too much effort to hold a grudge, but I won't forget how you made me feel.

I'm comfortable in my own skin, and my scars are a beautiful reminder of my life experiences.

I say what's on my mind without hesitation, and will advocate for myself and the underdog endlessly.

When I'm angry, give me some time and space to re-group.
I re-bound quickly and we can talk after I thoroughly think things through.

I'm sorry you're too sensitive to understand me.
I'm sorry you're too put off by who I am to like me.
Mostly though, I'm sorry you're too meager to be emphatic like me.