Monday, February 15, 2016

I am nobody's rabbit!

4 days ago my life changed.  I would like to say it changed for the best, but my mind is not convinced that's the truth just yet.

4 days ago I took the plunge and committed to giving up grain, dairy, legumes, processed food, alcohol and refined sugar for 30 days.  This decision come after I had some blood work results that were not too stellar a year ago.  At that time I meant to do something about my weight and the year got away from me.  Several weeks ago I got my yearly blood work results back and they were worse than ever before.  This year my bad cholesterol was worse than bad.  My good cholesterol eluded to the fact I never exercise, and my pancreas is working harder than a Target employee on Black Friday.  Weighing 233#, it's time for a drastic change.  I have hit rock bottom and I never want to be here again.

There have been a few things helping to push me towards making the changes I need to make, other than the deplorable blood work.  

The first thing is a blog I stumbled across, 100 Days of Real Food.  I discovered this family's blog, and after reading it I really wanted to stop eating food and food substitutes that were full of chemicals.  I know eating whole, real food is important.  It's the basis of what The Reluctant Farmer and I have built our life on, and we work so hard to produce healthy food for 6 months of the year.  How have I allowed myself to get into this situation?!

The second thing is a weight loss competition we are having at work.  We have done this competition several times, and I have never really taken it too seriously until a recent conversation.  After the last competition ended, a co-worker pulled me aside and said:  "I know this is going to sound bad, but you were my rabbit through this competition and I just wanted to beat you.  I didn't want to be the heaviest person here anymore."

Well, you know what?  I am nobody's rabbit!  It is time to get my ass in gear....