Sunday, November 10, 2013

Buyer's Remorse and A Budget

Several weeks ago I went to one of my favorite antique stores downtown, and was warned by The Reluctant Farmer that I was NOT to buy anything that I could not carry home, because I didn't need anymore "stuff" and we were on a budget.

She gave me this warning with a snarky attitude which I think I was to take as gospel.  Instead I viewed her passive aggression as a challenge.  

Now, I realize I didn't really need to purchase anything, and probably would have come out of the store empty handed, but as I was puttering around the store looking at a barrage of antique awesomeness, I glanced over at the shop keeper, and above her head was a mirage! 

I fell in love with the same speed and intensity of a middle schooler, and immediately asked the shop keeper, "How much is that?!"

She cheerfully exclaimed:  "It's ONLY $40.00!"

I was blinded by cheap love and an competitive attitude:  "Really?!  Only $40.00?!  I'll take it!"

I knew this painting was meant to be mine, otherwise why would the universe have aligned at this exact moment, providing me with:

- An obnoxiously large painting of a dog for only $40.00!
- A way to challenge The Reluctant Farmer's passive aggressive warning that I didn't need more "stuff".
- And a seemingly obvious win, because I could most certainly carry this home!  

So, I hiked home with an obvious prize, and realized one tragic piece upon arrival.  In my haste to win a silent competition with The Reluctant Farmer, I failed to measure the wall where I planned on hanging the painting.  

Did The Reluctant Farmer gloat?  No, that is not her style.....

Instead, she took down another painting that is near and dear to my heart, and replaced it with "the dalmatian on steroids" painting, promising she would rehang my other painting soon.  The other painting has yet to be hung, and after walking past that dalmatian 500 times a day, do you know what I have realized?  

I have a terrible case of buyer's remorse, and if we're going to be completely honest with each other I don't even like that painting...  (Ouch, that hurt to admit!)  But we can't get rid of the painting now because The Reluctant Farmer says it is a waste of money to take it to the Goodwill.  Guess this will be a lesson in budgeting for me, because I will be reminded of this mistake until I find a buyer for the painting.  How about it friends, know anyone that wants a 4'x4' painting of a dalmatian?

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