Sunday, October 5, 2014

Forget the past

I sure by now most of you have seen the movie Blindside, and if you haven't I recommend you do.  It's a movie that will change your life!  Addie reminds me of Big Mike off that movie, and not just because of her size.

Yesterday,  as The Reluctant Farmer and I were in the shelter, she kept saying to me:  "I want to take that dog home with us.  Even if we don't keep her, she doesn't deserve to be in a shelter." My major reservation was that we had two 5 pound chihuahuas at home, and I did not want them to be a mastiff snack if Addie decided she didn't like other dogs.  Not to mention, what if Addie didn't like cats or people?!  None of these thoughts were necessary though.  Like Big Mike on the movie Blindside, Addie's biggest gift is that she is able to forget the past.

Even though it is obvious someone has not been very kind to this dog by the state of her health, the way she shrinks away from our hands if we try to touch her head too fast, the fact she has terrible ear infections in both ears and is urinating what appears to be sand, Addie has been sleeping non-stop since her arrival, as if she knows her worries are over and she can finally relax.

We will do our best over the next few weeks to get Addie to a place where she is healthier.  I don't know what the future holds for her, but it's brighter than her past and she is running towards it, not looking back!  Dogs are my heroes for that reason.  There is no victim mentality.  They live in the moment, take people at face value, and don't let the past define them.  Perhaps the human should  take a lesson from the dog....

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  1. We can learn a lot from dogs!! Don't you still have your pit and the other two, rather hairy dogs(can't remember the breed)? I'm the person who adopted Blue from you last year and just want you to know that he is doing wonderful and is greatly loved<3 He and our pug have become best friends!!