Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hard Decision, Authentically Me.....

One of the challenges I face as an author is oftentimes how much to share with my audience.  I feel an obligation to share with you the funny and the good things going on in my world, but I get stuck when it comes to the personal aspects of my life.  

I have been writing this post all week and after talking with a dear friend of mine last night, I realize I need to be honest with not only myself, but with you as well.  I know I don't "owe" anyone anything, however I sort of feel if you choose to live your life publicly, if you invite folks in with your words and wit, encourage them to sit down with a warm cup of coffee, and invest in your craft, you do owe them the truth.  

Life is not just fluffy bunnies and rainbows.  Life is the good, the dissenting, and at times is downright hard.  Today's post is not injected with humor and cute pictures of my animals.  Today's post is raw, and it's real.

This week The Reluctant Farmer and I ended our relationship.  

This decision was not easy, and it was not taken lightly, however it was one I had to make.  You see, in life, I try to be 100% real 100% of the time.  Likely, this is why I always have something to write about.  Last year I went to a workshop on how to be my best self, and I had to identify with the fact I had questioned my romantic feelings towards The Reluctant Farmer for some time prior, and identified that even though she has so many amazing qualities, I thought of her as more of a friend.  I had marinated and meditated on this for quite some time, and finally I had to "come out" with what I was feeling in order for me to live my authentic life.

For now, The Reluctant Farmer and I are going to continue living together as roommates.   I think this arrangement will work out for the both of us, as well as Miss K and the animals.  I pray we can make it through this and come out on top as friends.  As always, thank you for showing up to read what I write, and for standing with us as we embark on our next adventure......

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