Saturday, June 23, 2012

the elusive ronald

Yesterday I noticed a small kitten hanging out in our local McDonald's parking lot.  He looked to be about 7 weeks old and as black and shiny as a piece of onyx.  He was in the grassy median of the parking lot frolicking about having a great time.  I sat in my car for a bit laughing at his kitten antics.  I watched him leap about: catching bugs, chasing his tail, and sometimes just curiously watching other guests as they went in and out of McDonald's.  I tried to coax him to me with the hope I could catch him, but as soon as I approached him he took off like his tail was on fire!  

I went to work but thought about the little kitten all day.  It wasn't the fact that he was a stray kitten that was bothering me.  In fact of he was in a safe place I would have just left him alone.  The part that bothered me was that he was a stray kitten living in a median between a McDonald's parking lot and a bust highway.  It is only a matter of time until he becomes a "road pizza" if he doesn't have a little human intervention.

Well, I went back this morning to see if he was still there, and if course there he was.  Sitting under a car watching the people of McDonald's go about their day.  I questioned the lady at the drive-thru window about the kitten and she agreed that the kitten did need to be caught and mentioned that a girl working there wanted to adopt him if he could be captured.  I asked them not to feed the kitten today so he would be hungry when I returned.  

I will intervene later tonight.  Armed with a  box trap and a can of tuna.

I will call him Ronald.


  1. Oh my, poor kitty. I hope you can catch him. We found your blog via the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop and look forward to reading more! Come by our blog and see us sometime!

  2. Thank you for following us! We returned the favor, and happily so. Rama is cute! I love the post where she is attempting to play with the Xolo and having no luck. Poor girl.....

  3. I found a little orange tiger under my car at a Walmart on an extremely hot day a few summers ago, He looed ans sounded like he wouldn't make it another night so I picked him up, took him home. He was so exhausted, he couldn't even fight the flea bath I gave him. He has been with us every since and comes when he's called-- his name is Wally.