Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ronald has been captured!

Tonight we went back to McDonald's to see if we could locate Ronald.  We pulled in and there he was playing happily with a stick in the parking lot.  We got out and tried to coax him to us, but of course he was having no part of that!  I went in and bought a hamburger with the hope I could lure the kitten to me.  I ripped off small pieces of the hamburger and threw them close to Ronald, who inhaled them because he was starving.  (It wasn't until I was up so close to him that I realized just how thin he was!)  I just kept throwing the hamburger to him in small pieces until he was close enough that I could quickly scruff him and place him in the live trap.     

My prize!  

Scared little kitty....

It did not take Ronald long to figure out that we humans were okay!  With a full belly and lots of ear scratches Ronald has discovered he enjoys being a captive kitten.   We were also surprised to figure out that Ronald is really a Birdie!  (We were limited on girl names for McDonald's characters!)

Sadly, the girl who said she would take Birdie was unable to do so after we caught her, so home she came back to Rainbow Acres where she will be cared for until a home is found for her.  If a home can't be found for Birdie then we will have to take her to the shelter, but I figure being euthanized is more humane than being run over by a car.  If anyone is looking for a kitten we would be more than happy to have Birdie spayed and vaccinated for you!  

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