Saturday, September 21, 2013

I'm back!

We have made it home, finally!

For those of you that wondered where I was and thought I had fallen off the face of the bloggersphere, for the last 9 days The Reluctant Farmer and I have been all over the central US.  Originally we were just going to visit her parents in Kansas, but by the grace of God we got Wigzi into a no-kill sanctuary in Nebraska so we decided to extend our trip by 2 days and drove him 17 hours to his new home.  Folks, it's a drive from Ohio to Kansas.  Ohio to Nebraska?!  I thought I might die!  (The Reluctant Farmer wants to drive to Colorado next year.  I might smother her with her pillow at the mere thought...)  

Incidentally, my allergies were really bad before I left Ohio, and I took what I thought was non-drowsy allergy medication.  Wrong!  I ended up drugging myself, and was absolutely NO driving help to The Reluctant Farmer because I didn't wake up until we were half way through Missouri.  (Don't worry, she has forgiven me...)

We arrived at Hearts United for Animals on Friday morning and I was amazed by the place.  The sanctuary was beautiful, and it seemed like it was modeled after Best Friend's Animal Snactuary in that the dogs live in "pods" and are free to go in and out through a doggie door whenever they wish.  They have over 400 dogs that they take care of, and you wouldn't know they had even one dog by how clean the place was!  I was impressed to see they fed Taste of the Wild to their dogs, and there were dogs running all over their office not in cages.  The staff was so kind and they took a great amount of time with Wigzi, all talking to him and making sure that they labeled his crate as "flight risk" to keep him safe.  You could tell he was going to have the best chance at life there, and I felt so blessed to have been able to get him into a wonderful place that has more experience than I do.     

I'm very pale due to my allergy pill roofie....
There will definitely be more to come on this trip, but I am exhausted tonight.  Castles, abandoned homesteads, wildlife, oh my!  It will be worth the wait, I promise...  I'm glad I am back to writing.  I missed you!

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