Sunday, September 8, 2013

So long friend...

Our beloved Andy died today, and to some people he would be "just a rabbit" but to The Reluctant Farmer he was her heart.  Andy was a Flemish Giant rabbit, and was quite impressive with his 20 pound size, feet as big as your open hand, and long eyelashes that would make most woman jealous.  

To go with his giant size, was an even bigger personality.  He was loved by so many of our neighbors and local children, and he was a sucker for a carrot and oatmeal!  People loved to visit Andy when they would visit us, and when we moved his hutch in the spring, several neighbors remarked just how much they missed seeing him everyday.

We will miss him too.

I was standing at the sink doing dishes when I heard dogs barking frantically, and asked The Reluctant Farmer to go check on our chickens thinking that maybe one of them was loose and the dogs were barking at it.  Two of our dogs came running inside and I noticed blood on one's coat.  Assuming there was a dog fight, and still missing one dog, The Reluctant Farmer ran outside to find the other dog and she discovered Andy's body.

My heart hurts and I feel sick.  I know the dogs were just doing what dogs do, but it still hurts.... 

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