Monday, February 17, 2014

Meet Gus!

I got off work Friday with every intention of doing nothing - all weekend.  I had mountains of laundry, 5 great books and was going to make the most of my time off.  Then I got a text message: "Can you run to the shelter and evaluate a dog?"  The dog in question was a dachshund mix that was not available for adoption to the general public due to a concern with his temperament.  I agreed to go have a look at the little beast, knowing Christie was going to be at an adoption event all morning and would not be able to make it to the shelter before close, and Monday morning it would be "curtains" for this boy if we decided not to take him.

I arrived at the shelter and found a dog that was completely shut down.  He was quickly ran behind his bed in an attempt to evade me, and as I pulled out a leash he weaved back and forth dodging my attempts of capture like a well seasoned boxer.  Finally in frustration I decided we needed to have a conversation.  

"Dude, listen to me.  I am your only ticket out of here.  So, you have two options.  You can stop acting like a fool and allow me to pick you up or you are going to meet Jesus on Monday."  I said frankly.  He looked at me silently, and for a minute we both stood there, taking each other in.  I must have been convincing in that moment though, because he quit acting like a twit, and allowed me to pick him up and eventually carry him out of the kennel.

We took him straight to Christie's house, where he received a much needed bath and haircut, and I was blown away by the dog that greeted me this morning when I went to pick him up.  He surprised me with a tail wagging, forward moving body, and a light in his eye that wasn't there yesterday.  We brought him home and he has been quite the gentleman. (Even though he is still sporting his testicles!)  He gets along with all or my dogs and cats, loves the couch, is an excellent snuggler, appears to be housebroken, and is crate trained.  (He originally came into the shelter as a stray that had to be live trapped...)  He has adjusted so well to our house in just this day that it makes me wonder what his life was before we got him.  Sadly, that is one of the great mysteries of rescue and the answer will likely remain unknown.  We do know that his future looks bright though, and he is looking for a forever home, so if you are interested email and ask for an adoption application for Gus!

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