Sunday, January 10, 2016

Healing Hearts

Photo credit to Susan Johnson

Today was the day Star left for her new home, and I will miss her, but I will enjoy the break this gives me.

It feels good to know you have played a part in helping a damaged soul on to their next stage in life.
Therefore rarely, if ever, do I cry when a foster dog leaves.  In my mind, they don't belong to me, therefore they are not mine.  I don't get wrapped up into thinking that I am the best home or the only home for a dog, and I don't want to send them off on their next adventure playing off my emotions.  That would not be fair to the dog or their new owner.  

I am proud of this girl, and I know she will do well in her new home.  She has a great family who is very dedicated to helping her overcome her past traumas.  I have complete faith in this arrangement and I'm blessed that I was able to meet some amazing new people out of this experience.

I really struggled with my decision to quit rescue a year ago.  When I left I was so bitter and angry with the lack of humanity I saw on a daily basis, that I didn't look back or second guess my decision.  I have to admit though, it was nice fostering Star.  I enjoyed that instead of being in charge of the rescue bullshit and drama, I was able to just enjoy working with a dog.  Fostering for American Belgian Malinois Rescue was a dream and I would definitely work with them again.   They are top notch, and really care about the dogs under their care.  They were courteous, kind, prompt, and are the sort of folks that give rescue a good name.  It felt good to work with a group who had  the same "rescue morals" as myself.  It was perfect!

Perhaps this adventure helped to heal two hearts, the dog's and the human's.

Photo credit to Susan Johnson


  1. Ok... you just made me cry. It's like you read my mind and heart. I felt healing during this transport. The rainbow I think was a sign for those of us hurt by others in the past. Today gave me hope again that there are good people out there in it just for the dogs. Thank you.

  2. ABMR Foster needs more people like you, who are willing to open their homes, and their hearts. You did a wonderful job with Star and she in turn, touched you.