Monday, January 4, 2016

To Her "Forever Family"......

Dear Forever Home,

     Soon I will be letting go of a piece of my heart, so your heart may grow.  Several months ago, we opened our home to a creature who was scared, shy, and knew little human kindness.  Today we are proud she is ready for the next step in life:  being loved by you!

     Please remember to be patient with her.  She desperately wants to please you, but fear overrides her mind frequently.  Pay attention and celebrate her small victories, for they are mountainous to her, and if you pay attention you will notice her moments of fear become less and less with each passing day.

     She looks innocent, but she's not.  Do not trust her to be left out of her crate.  I have lost a few socks because of that trick!

     She loves people and wants to be with you.  Because of that, she barks in her crate at night if the crate is not in your bedroom.  If she can see you, you will all be happier!  (If this is not an option, she does respect a citronella no-bark collar, and your house will smell fresh too!)

     She is coming to you with a solid "sit", a decent "down" and she is housebroken.  She is also coming to you well loved.  Please love her like we have loved her: unconditionally and without exception.  We have loved this girl boldly, and she is accustomed to being kissed, having her nose rubbed, ears scratched, and being told how beautiful she is.  Like most women, she especially loves to sit on the couch and eat cheese while you tell her how beautiful she is....

     Always remember, my phone number is 937-***-****.  If you ever need anything, I am only a phone call away.

     Lastly, CONGRATULATIONS!  You just adopted one hell of an awesome dog!


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