Thursday, September 8, 2016

Diary Of A Fat Girl: Must Have Doughnut!

Tonight, the struggle was real.  
Tonight, I wanted a doughnut.
I didn't eat a doughnut, but I REALLY wanted it.  
Instead, I took myself, albeit begrudgingly, to the gym to hit up the treadmill for 30 minutes.
At first I was a raging bitch with no will power, however as I watched the calories I burned add up, it dawned on me.  If I ate that doughnut, I would have to walk 3 mph for 90 minutes to burn the calories I consumed.
And do you know what I hate more that NOT having a doughnut?  Exercise!  And the thought of walking on that treadmill for 90 minutes brought that doughnut craving right on down to a screeching halt!  
Keeping it in perspective, although unhappily at times.....

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