Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fragile Creatures

Today was a long, hot day.

Today was yet another day of sitting around the barn waiting for "shit" to happen, literally.  Mia just picked at her hay this morning, not really caring if she ate or not, which was surely a sign she was not feeling well, as Mia greets everyone who comes by her stall with a nicker, begging for treats. On a good day, Mia is like an ill-behaved dog begging from the dinner table.  More concerning was the fact Mia had quit drinking water and had not pooped.  The lack of stool was a big concern.

Again, we had the veterinarian come out to check on her and he felt if she didn't start moving some stool, we were going to have to make some difficult decisions.

He encouraged us to do whatever we would normally do that might result in poop.

Miss K rode her bareback for a bit.  No poop....
Miss K gave her a bath, because she loves to poop in the wash rack.  No poop....
Miss K hand walked her and let her graze.  No poop....

Finally after several hours, the sky parted and poop happened.  I have never been so happy to see horse turds in all my life!  I am hoping we have turned a corner and are galloping full speed ahead, right towards wellness!

Today I was reminded, for as big as horses are, they sure are fragile creatures....


  1. Horses as fragile creatures--that is one of the greatest lessons I learned as a horse owner. One begins to understand how only the toughest of the herd survive in the wild; there is so much that can set their systems off balance. So glad to hear she is feeling better!

  2. I can relate to this. From pets and farm animals to children, there is always a time when you are just waiting for them to relieve themselves so you can feel a sense of relief.