Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chronicle of the meat chicken: Part 1

These chickens were born on the same day  and the size difference is about 4 pounds!

This year on the farm I have decided to raise meat chickens.  I chose a Cornish Rock cross meat bird, and started out with 16 of them.  I lost one several weeks ago to an unknown cause.  (It is thought that that these birds have heart attacks easily due to their massive weight gain over a short period of time, so I am guessing that is what happened.)  I really wanted to try it last year, however I was nervous that it would be too complicated and I would be unable to do so.  It really has been very easy to do so far, although I will say that these beasts can eat!  Actually, that is all they do: eat and poop!  It is impressive how fast they grow and feather out.  They have 3-4 pounds over my egg layer chicks and are completely feathered by 5 weeks.  


  1. We are trying buff orpingtons this year, our first attempt at dual purpose birds. We love the eggs but never processed them for meat before. I'm afraid I'm a little attached to the chicks though. I guess I'll have to get over it! I saw you on the blog hop- I'm your new follower.

  2. Buff Orpingtons are my daughter's favorite breed of chicken, so I know we couldn't keep them at our house as a dual purpose bird! However, my friend has processed them with great success. We have had a hard time keeping them though as layers though. It seems as if they do real well for the first few weeks and then they suddenly die. We had 2 of 4 die last year and then 2 of 3 die this year. Have you had any difficulty with the breed? I don't know what it is at our house, because all of the other breeds do just fine. It is a mystery that I wish we could solve! Thanks for following me!