Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fun Friday Giveaway!

It's Friday!  
And what better way to celebrate than with a little giveaway to start off this weekend!

When I was a kid I used to have this octopus named Wacky Wally.  He was super cool!  You would throw him on the wall and he would stick to it and then slowly "walk" down the wall.  Well, this week we had a book sale at work, and next to the register was a container full of Wacky Wally toys!  I bought 2 of them.  One for me and one for one of you.  So here is what you have to do.... You have to go to my blog and leave a comment telling me what your favorite toy was as a child and why.  This will enter you in a random drawing and the winner of the drawing wins their very own Wacky Wally!  (I will take comments until 7:00 am Saturday morning.)  Good Luck!


  1. What a great toy, I never saw one before! My favorite toy as a child was Clancy the roller skating monkey ( here is a link to a photo on someone else's site. You would either push a button in his hand or put his hat on his hand and place a penny inside. He would roller skate! I still have him, he's in my bedroom. I know nothing about this site, it's just a photo so you can see one.

    1. Thank you- I just received it in the mail! My granddaughter and I will have fun with it when she visits next weekend!

  2. POGS, SkipIt, and Tamagatchi!

  3. OK, I guess I'm pretty traditional maybe but barbies were the best. Or maybe a slinky. Remember those? Or how about the clackers? Those things were dangerous. I can't believe our parents let us play with them really. Pick up sticks, that game would get me so mad. Tiddlywinks, toss many. I could go on and on :)