Sunday, September 23, 2012

Calling in the cowboys!

I am house sitting at the Remy Homestead and I had a few cowboys come by to lend me some assistance with my farm chores today.  They were quite helpful and went home tired and dirty!  The highlight of their visit was the chickens and the water hose.  I love watching them just be kids.  Not inhibited by anything, just playing and exploring with out many boundaries.  All kids should be so lucky!

Isaac was so excited that the chickens go in an out of the coop through a little door.

Cooper was quite impressed with Puff Daddy's big voice!

They were both excited by the door to the coop and this hen was just as impressed  by them,

The red headed farmer was most excited by the ladder perch.

Puffy showing us his big voice

Oh, the excitement of eggs in nest boxes!

The excitement is genetic!

We found a caterpillar and played with that a bit.

Saying good-bye to our friend...

Giving the meat chickens some love.

Helping to feed.


Hitching a ride

It is hard work being a farmer!

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  1. Good job everybody!
    It is hard work being a farmer :)
    Sending you smiles and sunshine from the east coast of Australia.