Friday, September 7, 2012

Working weekend!

Well, it has been one heck of a week here on the urban farm, and where I do have to work this weekend I am looking forward to a little down time and relaxation.  Sadly, that part of my weekend will be brief....

I have a lot to do around here this weekend.  With laundry that is continuing to grow faster than a chicken on growth hormones, I imagine I will be spending a fair bit of time bonding with my washing machine.  I also noticed a few fleas on the cats so I need to remedy that situation.  (Another blog post on that later...)  Lastly, that Reluctant Farmer wants to make pasta sauce with all of the tomatoes that we have from the garden this week.  With fall fast approaching we need to to this, because I have feeling this is probably the last bumper crop of tomatoes we are going to get this growing season.

Several readers have asked questions about the book.  This is what I can say:  My publisher is Meghan Fisher at Gypsy Publications (  I am writing a book on my urban farming experience.  The book is scheduled to be out summer 2013, and I am very excited!  This has been an amazing journey so far, and I just got started!  I have put so much effort, time, and even a few tears into this project and I am quite blessed.  I have always believed if you want something bad enough, you have the absolute potential to wish it into reality.  I want this with every ounce of my being and this will be mine!  I can feel it!

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