Friday, November 2, 2012

Contest: Name The Bunnies!

6 days old and huge!

Last month I wrote about our New Zealand doe, Andrea, who was making a nest and was obviously in labor.  I went out the next morning fully expecting a nest full of babies and there was no babies in the nest.  This confused me because in all my years of having rabbits I have never had a doe go through all of the trouble of making such an elaborate nest and not have any babies.  I waited a week because the gestation of a doe is 28-32 days, and I just wanted to make sure there was no possibility of babies.  On day 38 when I went to take the box out, up jumped a baby bunny!  Scared the bejeezus out of me!

Andrea had two babies, one white and one fawn, and they were huge!  These 2 kits have made me laugh ever since they have been born because they are so advanced for their age.  It is as if they were born 1 week old!  Their eyes were open on day 5, which is about 5 days earlier than normal.  They were out of the nest box at 9 days old, which is about a week earlier than normal, and they were using a water bottle at 2 weeks old! I have never seen anything like these two girls, and they need names!  So, what can you folks come up with for 2 very smart/active/female bunnies?  If I pick your bunny name you will win a bar of homemade soap!  Winners picked on Thursday Nov. 6th, so come out and vote for your favorite bunny name!  
I am Emily, and I approve this message!


  1. Ok first thing I think of you owning bunnies is you knitting sweaters out of them. Granted I dont think these are angora but all the same I first thought of sweater pup (pup for short). But that was all to crude for a feminine beauty so I think pearl is the perfect name! Cute with a knit stich background story.

  2. OMG! If I lived anywhere near you I would be bunny-napping that one on the left. WHAT a face! Kind of sounds like these two did some developing in the womb and popped out ready to go!

    I have no idea about names but they are so cute...

  3. I love them! I vote Beenie and Cecilia for their names!

  4. Are you sure they just weren't hidden in the nest for a week?