Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Homestead Security

We have had a very stressful several days here at the homestead, starting with a theft which included our house and garage keys.  Thankfully we have amazing friends that came to our rescue and new locks were installed on the doors and windows yesterday.  The Reluctant Farmer narrowly missed meeting the thief (by minutes!) and I am grateful that she was not harmed yesterday when he robbed us.  I thought this was over and behind us however after returning home tonight, there was obvious signs that someone was back again tonight in the few hours that I was gone.  I can't help but feel violated and I hate not feeling comfortable in my own home.

Yesterday we shopped at Menard's for new door and window locks, however tomorrow I will be shopping at Old English Gun Shop.....


  1. You can also get indoor window grilles that might be a less obtrusive security addition, but that any burglar can see means they simply cannot get into your home through a window. Thanks for your post.

    1. I will have to look into this! I have never heard of window grilles. Might be the answer for keeping my dog from busting out the screen in the summer too?

  2. Your right Emily... sometimes a dog might loose temper especially if they can see a strangers roaming around the house. Good luck!