Monday, April 15, 2013

Maybe Baby?! Indeed!

Several times I have been invited down to Millennium Quarter Horses for a "Maybe Baby" party.   What is a  "Maybe Baby" party you ask?!  Well, a "Maybe Baby" party is where you gather with several of your friends at an expectant horse owner's house and stay up all night waiting/watching for a mare to deliver a baby.  (It's done so you can assist in the birth, because foals don't just fall out I learned...)  In the past I have been to several of these parties, but there has been no "baby action", and it appears that Tammy's horses know exactly when I am on call at the hospital, because they only foal when I am NOT available.  Last night was slightly different.  I was on call when Tammy asked me if I would like to come visit, however there was babies this time and lots of them!

We originally went for the labor and delivery of Tammy's American Bulldog, Penny.  She had 6 puppies (#7 was born after we left...), and it was exciting to see her have puppies and to assist in the delivery of them.  They were so cute, and I was excited and amazed that I got to see that.  And then, as soon as we got Penny tucked in with her new brood, I heard the Reluctant Farmer say: "You better hurry or you are going to miss the foal being born!"  Seriously?!  Puppies and a pony?!

We quickly went out to the barn, and Tammy and Jeffrey (owner of said pregnant horse...) were just starting to help deliver the foal.  I honestly thought that a mare was like a giraffe, and expected that she would just squeeze a few times and out a baby would fall.  Wrong!  The mare didn't really want to push to help deliver the baby, so Tammy and Jeffrey had to stick their hands inside, pull on it's legs, and guide it's head out.  Holy vagina, did it look painful!  The little bugger's tongue was hanging out, and I thought he was dead at first as I stood there holding my breath. Jeffery and I  were pulling like a mad on this slippery rubber-esque leg, until suddenly the baby slid out and started breathing just fine.  It was the single most amazing thing I have ever seen!  The mare was so proud of her new baby, and I was so excited that I got to see such a miracle!

I was so excited about this miracle that I even had to tell the police officer about it when he pulled me over at 3:30 am on my way home.  (I had a head light out....)  He wanted to know what we were doing out so late, and I had to explain that I had just witnessed the birth of puppies and a horse!  He seemed perplexed as to what was so exciting about that, and let us go on about our merry way with a warning.  He did ask us why we were out delivering puppies and foals, and wanted to know if we were traveling veterinarians, to which the Reluctant Farmer chuckled and replied "In this car?!  Please...."

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