Sunday, April 28, 2013

Progress was made!

Two weeks ago I took off work for a week to get some much needed revamping done on the urban farm.  We made 13 new raised beds total, 11 for us and 2 for our neighbors, and we worked until our hands bled. (This is the time of the year that my day job is a break from the back breaking labor that goes on at home...) We have made some serious progress around here and continue to make it better and better this year.  I am so excited!

Friday we had 5 yards of mulch and 3 yards of dirt delivered, and we were itching to get some work done, however we had a birthday party and another party to attend Saturday.  Sunday brought us rain in the morning, however we decided to make full use of the cloudy day and work out in the garden when the rain quit for a bit.  (We did manage to get rained on after lunch, and I mean it was rain like no other!   I was soaked to my underwear just sprinting back to the house.)  It was all worth it though. 

The Reluctant Farmer built a retaining wall, we added and leveled bed #6, and then laid weed mat and mulched a section of the yard that was 12 x 16, planted a bunch of onions, and weeded the strawberry patch.  We worked until dark tonight, so I will get better pictures soon. 

No gardening is complete with out these two under my feet.  Blue is really starting to like being a farm dog, and we are working on his pray drive towards the chickens.  I think if he was younger, I would have to worry about him, but he is easily managed with a small correction since he is a senior...

 Herding dogs are so funny.  Chai and Blue wanted to stay out with me so bad, even though it was raining.  Chai totally looks like he is saying: "You know being this wet really proves how much I love you, right?!"  

Blue is surveying the rain from the front porch, just waiting to go back outdoors so he can survey the chickens.  I love this dog, he is so noble and wise!  And he is really starting to earn his keep around here as a chicken wrangler!

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  1. I am one of those people who think dogs are much more intuitive to people than we generally think. They can sense our mood and when we are happy, they are happy, etc. I love dogs and have had one most of my life. My last one, Ginger, was my baby girl for 15 years. I miss her a lot, but I'm not sure I want another dog at this point in my life. I will live vicariously through others.