Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not the usual stray....

Nearly every night during the summer, I sit outside and watch the chickens run around the yard.  Sometimes I eat my dinner out there, sometimes I read a book, but most times I just sit quietly and watch the girls run around chasing bugs and scratching at the earth.  I love this nightly ritual, and it centers me like nothing else does.

Tonight I was sitting outside eating my dinner, when the neighbor girl comes over and explains that her friend found a bunch of baby ducks walking down the street with no mama duck in site, and she wanted to know if I knew of anyone who could help with the situation.  I followed her back to her house, and there in a little make-shift nursery, were 6 little ducklings.  They couldn't have been more than a day or two old, and they clearly were either separated from their mom or someone dumped them out after purchasing them from the local feed store.  (We have a local feed store with ducks for sale, and you are required by state law to purchase 6 at a time, so perhaps it is just a coincidence that there were 6 mother-less ducklings walking down a bust street, but I am guessing not....)  Regardless, I took them home with me and we got them warmed up with a heat lamp, fresh food, and water.

Because my brooder is currently full and because I have no desire to have ducks with no pond or large water source, I quickly called a friend of mine who came out to take the stray ducklings to his farm.  I must say this is the first time I have been asked to assist with a stray duck situation, and I am glad that they went to such a great home!  I did feel somewhat bad though because the Reluctant Farmer really only wanted ducklings for her birthday yesterday, and by the smile on her face you can see that she thought for a minute her birthday wish had come true!  

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  1. A plastic swimming pool works just as well as a pond.