Sunday, May 19, 2013

What is your "Plan A"?

There is a young lady that I work with, who is an amazing young lady.  She has a personality that can light up a room, determination that most people could not muster, and an attitude that is absolutely refreshing.  You can tell in the first 5 minutes of engaging in a conversation with Elizabeth, that she is going to do amazing things with her life.  She omits success, and her positivity is something  that I admire.

Several weeks ago, she and I were standing in the front office at work talking to a student.  The student was asking Elizabeth about her decision to go to med school, and how things were going for her.  I had my back to the two of them while they were talking, but was listening to what they were saying giving my input every once in a while.  Elizabeth was talking about her MCAT scores, what universities she had applied to and who had she not heard back from yet.  While this conversation was going on, all I kept thinking was the someday, she is going to make a fabulous doctor!  They compared notes and suddenly the student says:  "So, what's your plan B?!"  Elizabeth quickly answered, with conviction: "There is no plan B, there is only plan A.  Medical school!"  This really touched me, and for the last week I have been mauling this conversation over in my head.

Do you know what we could accomplish if we never had a "Plan B"?  That's right, anything and everything we set our mind to!  My question to you is, what is your "Plan A", and if you have not accomplished this yet, what is holding you back?

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  1. I struggle with this thought all the time. Especially when teaching my students. I want them to be driven and focused on their goals, but I worry about what they will do if it doesn't work out. It's such a delicate balance.