Sunday, June 9, 2013

Charitable Weekend

Saturday was full of charitable events around here.  Our local humane society was having a fundraiser to help raise much needed funds for several great projects they have going on right now, and On the Urban Farm was asked to donate a basket for them to raffle off.  We donated a gardening basket full of fun gardening supplies and such.  Sadly we couldn't make their event in person because we were also helping with our local American Cancer Society's Bark for Life even that was also taking place at the same time.

Regardless, we were grateful that we were able help both charities, and will do it again next year, preferably on separate weekends or I am going to need to clone myself!

The basket we donated.
Katzya and Blue strutting their stuff at the walk.
Leading us along the way.
My mom and Amos came out to walk also!
Rest time after the walk.
Blue was just enjoying himself and all of the attention that he was getting.
Water break for the Chai and Blue.
Blue and his ice cube
Blue loved this block of ice.  He kept batting it with his feet, licking it, and chomping off pieces.  Too cute!
Tired puppy! 

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