Saturday, June 1, 2013

Visit to the Beekman Masion

Today we took a tour of the Beekman Farm, and it was absolutely beautiful! 

 Here are some of the highlights of the day.

The outside of the Beekman Family crypt.

Inside the crypt were headstones of some of the people buried  on the property.

Peeking out of the crypt.  It was so peaceful inside there....

Yes, those are bones inside the crypt...

Farmer John and The Reluctant Farmer

Farmer John and myself

The ever so regal, Polka Spot

I want a goat now more than ever....

Sweetest goat face ever.

Farmer John's sheep, named after Josh and Brent.  Josh is the one with white on  his face....

The gardens

Love these raised beds!

Onder the dog

The Reluctant Farmer lent a hand and planted some sunflower seeds at the Beekman

 Additional pictures available on our Facebook page:

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