Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sharon Springs: The Pregnant Roller Skate

The Reluctant Farmer and I usually rent a car for vacations in order to keep extra miles off of our everyday vehicles.  However in order to stay within our budget this trip we had decided that we would just drive my SUV to Sharon Springs.  Or so I thought we had agreed....

The Reluctant Farmer called me at work on Thursday and let me know that she got a rental car for a steal, and when we picked it up I thought she had lost her mind.  The Reluctant Farmer didn't rent us a car, she rented us a pregnant roller skate!  We drove this bright red beast for 12 hours, all the way from Ohio and I can tell you that I have never ridden in a car like this!  I felt every bump, rumble strip (Which I swear she hit on purpose just to scare me...), and bug that hit our windshield, but it is safe to say that I have never traveled that far on $48.00 either!

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