Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy endings look like this....

As I ponder about a dog that may or may not ever recover from the traumas that were inflicted on by humans*, the life of rescue has pretty much sucked for the last week, except for one bright shiny spot:  Nabb, my foster for Tri State Collie Rescue found his forever home!  

His family flew all the way in from Georgia to adopt him, and fell in love with him instantly.  It is evident that he loves them too!  Here is the photographic proof that rescue is worth all the heartache and frustration, which is just the reminder I needed tonight....

Clearly he thinks he it the king of his new castle!

Nabb and his new brother at Petco!

It's a long ride from Ohio to Georgia, but well worth it for the perfect home...

They call it a love seat because it is meant to be shared....

Doesn't he just look so happy?!  Congrats my love, you deserve the best!

*  As you all know, there will be a blog post about my newest rescue project in due time.  I ask for a bit of privacy from the "activists" that read and frequently send harsh email to me about my rescues until I have a few more things figured out.  The reality is that rescue is not always fuzzy bunnies and rainbows, thank you for your understanding...


  1. Congrats to Nabb on finding his forever home!! I know all about happy endings:)

  2. Well done! Those of us that have adopted dogs that you have loved and cared for are so blessed by the work you do. Thank you, friend!

  3. Keep up the wonderful work fostering. I flew to Milwaukee, WI to pick up a collie we adopted from Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue. She is the love of our lives!