Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Only a horse.....

I went to the barn tonight to check on Mia, our horse.  Or, well sort of our horse....

Friday we turned Mia to another little girl so Katzya could move up in her riding.

Mia is and always has been a fabulous friend to us.  She is a peaceful beast with these soulful chocolate eyes that remind you there is most certainly a God in this world.  One look into Mia's eyes and you know that whoever created the horse has to be a magnificent being, because only a person with such magnitude would create an animal so perfect.

We met Mia and purchased her 4 years ago.  She was a long kept promise made to a little girl when she was three years old.  "I will buy you a horse when you are 10."  I heard myself repeat over and over to that little girl.  I honestly figured she would give up on the idea of a horse, much like she gave up on her imaginary friend.  I was wrong....

That little girl got bigger, and eventually I found myself keeping my promise.  I have never been more grateful to an animal in all my life than I am to Mia.  As a parent there are a lot of things you try to teach your children.  It took owning Mia for me to realize, oftentimes a horse is a better teacher....

Only a horse can comfort you when it seems all the world and your parents are on your back.
Only a horse can keep all of your teenage secrets safe.
Only a horse can challenge you to dig deeper into yourself to produce a better you.
Only a horse can absorb your tears when you are rejected by a boy you have a crush on.
Only a horse can make you forget that boy even existed.
Only a horse can connect you with an amazing bunch of new friends.
Only a horse can teach you to work hard and reap the benefits of that work.
Only a horse can see a child like mine through one of the toughest chapters of a person's life.
The teenage years...

I am blessed that my child had such an amazing teacher, and I am even more blessed that we were able to share her with another young lady.

There will be another horse.  We haven't found "the one" yet, but we have imploringly asked the earth for a new horse, and it will be, just not today.  Mia is doing beautifully, and you can tell she is being loved just as much as we loved her.  That is all I ever could want for her.....

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