Tuesday, November 4, 2014

iPhone No-Mo'

As many of you already know, The Reluctant Farmer and I have worked hard to slay our unsecured debt this year,  We have used Dave Ramsey's principles to accomplish this, and where his ideas are simple (And they work!), implementing these concepts and using them in our daily lives has been hard and at times excruciatingly painful.

One of the luxuries that we had both talked about giving up was our smart phones, and it seemed easy enough to want to get away from that $160.00 bill every month, so yesterday when one of the cell phones died in the middle of our call week, making it absolutely imperative the phone be replaced, we made the jump.  And while all of our friends upgraded to the new iPhone 6.0, we just downgraded to the iPhone No-Mo'.

I won't lie, I am going to miss my smart phone.  I can't post pictures on Instagram anymore, randomly update my Facebook status on a whim or check my email, and the camera?!  It positively sucks!  I feel I am going to have to dig deep and carry the team while we adjust to this challenge though, because The Reluctant Farmer and her "inner child", who are clearly electronic whores, are both threatening to implode at any moment.  And trust me when I say her "inner child" is throwing a royal fit!

All I have heard about the new phone is:
"Great!  I am officially old!  I have the same phone as my parents do!"
"This thing is one step away from the Jitterbug."
"This thing sucks and it does nothing."
"Kyle at work got a new phone, and HE does all these cool things with his phone, and now I am going to have to sit next to him with this crappy, Jitterbug phone!"

The "inner child" is what got us into this mess and quieting it is will be what gets us out of this mess.  We will prevail, as we have all year long, paying off over $23,000.00 in unsecured debt.  At the end of the day we have gotten really good at identifying our "needs" versus our "wants" and where I want my smart phone back, I don't need my smart phone back.  I am excited to see where this journey takes us.  I foresee us eating dinner together as a family with no one's face shoved in an electric device.  I see us spending more quality time with each other, and I see us getting closer to our goal....

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  1. Stay strong! So proud of you for getting yourselves out of debt! The smart phone can come back when the finances are manageable. Right now, you're doing a good, good thing for yourselves. It just doesn't feel like it... kind of like a gym work-out....