Monday, November 17, 2014

Snow day fun!

A scheduled day off for some dental work for the horse left me with this day off work, and an unexpected snow day left me in the company of Miss K and her friend Miss A.  

We had a cold morning waiting for the vet to come out and vaccinate/float Mia's teeth.  He sedated her pretty heavily for the dental procedure, but she still put up a decent fight of her own trying to get him out of her mouth.  This is the first time I had seen how they floated teeth on a horse, and I will say it was interesting.  (I could do without the sound though!)  The vet discovered that she has some "waves" on the tops of her teeth, so I will have to be a better Momma about having her teeth done in the future.  Oops!

Of course, as he was finishing up with Mia, we noticed she had a swollen rear leg because of a minor laceration she got from doing Lord knows what.  I have a feeling she was being anti-social with another horse, kicked out and cut herself...  She doesn't want to talk about such things.  With horses, it seems it's always one thing or another.

I forgot how much I missed unexpected "snow days"!

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