Sunday, February 22, 2015

All about perspective...

Mother Nature blessed us with 6 inches of snow this weekend, and in the middle of the storm our car broke down, so I was forced to try and either buy a new car or repair our old car, neither of which were convenient with snow on the ground.  

I found myself in a bad mood, stressed, worried, and the fact I was on call for the hospital only made things worse.  I just kept thinking:  "Doesn't Mother Nature know I have stuff to do this weekend?!"  After The Reluctant Farmer and I got home, I went outside with the dogs and it was then that I took a moment to look at the beauty surrounding me.  I realized it's all about perspective.  I was upset by all of the things that I couldn't do, yet when I looked over at my dachshund I realized things could be much worse.  I could have been an 8 inch tall wiener dog that was expected to pee in 6 inches of snow!  And, if Happy Wiener wasn't going to complain, I figured I couldn't either.  He wasn't bitter or angry, he just kept trudging along wagging his tail.  

I needed a reminder that soon enough spring will be here and then the hot days of August, and at that point I will miss the silence and solstice that the snow brought me.  I will miss the excuse it gave me to slow down.  

I hope you were able to enjoy the beauty of the weekend as well folks...

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