Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bored Border Collies....

So the best kepy secret around our urban farm right now comes in the form of a little black and white beast who has completely rocked my world.  

This 37 lb. ball of moxy has humbled me as a trainer, has caused me to cuss, laugh, and cry all in mere minutes, and more aften than not she has left me wondering "What in the hell did I get my self into?".  I couldn't love her more though.  I will introduce her to you all a little later.  

I just wanted to show you what we do around here when it's raining, you have a bored Border Collie, and a few empty tables and chairs!


  1. That's amazing! I tried it with my dog and she sat UNDER every chair. She's a mutt I got from a rescue group and apparently getting on the furniture was a major mistake at a previous home. It was fun anyway!

    1. Thanks! Her trainer wanted her to learn to place on many things this week. We have a long way to go, but she's getting it!