Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Diary Of A Fat Girl - Day 1: One Meal At a Time

Kicking it old school and "juicing" my own O.J. by hand...

Dear Journal,

Today I lived....

It wasn't easy.  My body is pissed, and I am craving sugar like a crack addict needing her next fix.  I am going to do this though.  It helps to think that I just need to get through the next meal.  And the next meal, and the next meal...  This adventure is not as daunting if I look at it in shorter increments.

Tonight, The Reluctant Farmer said to me:  "Well, congratulations!  You lasted 12 hours longer than I thought you would!"

I wanted to reply: "Thanks, honey!" all sarcastic like.  But, I used my mouth filter.  (Which is hard to do when I want/need some carbohydrates....)

Truth is, I lasted 12 hours longer than I thought I would too!

Mazel Tov to me!

Wanting sugar and potatoes,

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  1. Mazel! you are going to handle this exactly as we all learn to do hour by hour minute by minute even if you have to do it with fear!! Fear of breaking down, fear of cravings, Take your power back! Sugar does not own you, you are more than that craving