Saturday, March 26, 2016

Diary Of A Fat Girl - Day 3: I Have Hit Rock Bottom

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Dear Journal,

Last night "Miss K" had a bowling party with her high school equestrian team.  Thank God I had the fore site to eat before we went to the bowling alley, because you know how much food you can eat at a bowling alley when you are on Whole30?  NONE!  But my God, did it look good....  Seriously, it was if my brain had a split personality.

Some folks I didn't even know sat down next to me, and had the greasiest, gooiest, cheesiest pizza I had ever seen and all I could think was:  "Divert your eyes... Divert your eyes... Seriously! Divert your damn eyes!"

And now I know I have hit rock bottom.

After those folks got up to leave there were 4-5 pieces of their pizza left on their table, and for a second I seriously had this thought:  "Those people looked clean enough.  I could probably eat a piece of their left over pizza.  I mean why waste good food?!"

It was at about this time that the logical part of my brain piped up and said: "Are you freaking serious?!  That is disgusting!  We do NOT eat left over pizza off stranger's tables!  Control yourself!"

Turns out "logical brain" won.

But damn that cheese looked good.....

Cheese is my gateway,


  1. Way to hold strong Emily, eating healthy isn't for the weak or faint hearted!!! LOL <3

  2. It is so hard. Eating before and keeping that image of a goal in ones head is important I think.

  3. Never in the history of the men I ever bowled with did they leave one slice of temptation for the eyes of another. Someone should speak to those people. Stay strong. :)