Thursday, February 22, 2018

Living the 10th Life

Just treated for fleas, so we can't get too cuddly...

My dad has a heart the size of Montana and his love for animals runs deep, but when you don't have the financial and physical ability to take care of yourself, taking care of an animal is impossible to do.  

For years, our veterinarian has patched up my dad's cat as cost effectively as possible, and when my dad became ill, I spoke with our her explaining that because my dad was in such grave shape and would likely never go back to his house, I was going to bring his cat in to be euthanized because the cat was in just as bad shape as my father.

But I wasn't ready yet....

I am not one to save an animal who is suffering, but try as I might I could not bring myself to euthanize this cat.  For 4 months I have procrastinated, cried, and just turned a blind eye to the fact the end was coming for this guy.  Part of me sees my dad in this cat.  Part of me didn't want to euthanize him because in a way it felt like I was giving up on my dad.  Like I was euthanizing him.  Another part of me felt beyond sorry for this cat.  He is loaded with fleas despite my flea preventative donation every month.  He is horribly anemic, can't walk well, and is a mess from their living situation.  Part of me just wants this cat to live one day where he is warm, free of blood sucking parasites, and where he has a full belly.  

Tonight I got the call from dad asking me to please take his cat to the vet.  He said the cat was unable to walk normally and that he was in rough shape.  I braced myself, fully ready to euthanize the cat, and together Kay and I drove over to take the cat for his final ride.  When we got there, I found a cat who could hardly walk, who had fleas so bad you couldn't see his skin, but through all of his sadness, he just kept purring.

The entire ride to the vet, I was bothered.  I know it makes sense to euthanize this cat, but I for the life of me just couldn't let go!  Finally, with Kay driving, and me deep in thought, I worked out in my head that I would have the cat tested for communicable cat diseases.  If he was positive, I would euthanize him.  If it was negative, I would save him.  I was leaving it up to the Universe.  I was going to let fate work it out.

Shockingly, Sam's blood work came back really well.  He has a high white count and is horribly anemic, but the veterinarian thinks there is a strong possibility he'll pull through.
If he does pull through, he will have a home here with us where he can live out the remainder of his days with no worries, plenty of food, warm/soft spots to rest his weary body, and no "little pets". 

If he doesn't pull through, at least he died comfortably.

 Like my father a few months ago, he isn't going down without a fight....

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