Friday, July 27, 2012

1 Egg, 2 Egg, Brown egg, BLUE egg!

This morning I sent Katzya out to feed the chickens while I stayed inside and fed the dogs.  I was about knee deep in dog feeding when she came running in and said with great excitement, "Boy, do I have a surprise for you!"  She knows I get excited by egg collecting every morning and I just assumed that maybe we add more eggs than normal.  I turned around and Katzya had our usual 3 eggs, but instead of three brown eggs we had 2 brown eggs and 1 blue egg!  A little gift from our Americauna hen, Bluebelle!

On a side note:  Look at the size of that egg in the top right corner!  Our Red Stars lay  duck-sized eggs!


  1. I'm so happy for you. Nothing dresses up the egg basket better!
    I'm looking forward to a blue/green egg layer too - in fact I actually bought a carton of eggs because of the green tinted one in it -and then took one out of another carton so I'd have 2! (I put them under a hen 2 weeks ago...they are developing!)
    Sometimes I feel like a little girl - but 'farmgirl' says it all, lol.
    Thanks for sharing - it's good to see that I'm not the only one!

  2. Ooh..... Good luck! We have an Americauna rooster that we thought was a hen. (previous post titled: An Imposter Among Us). I think I am going to wait a month and drop my hen off at my friend's house and hopefully get a few fertile eggs to incubate!

  3. My BRs are laying but waiting for our EEs to lay the pretty colored eggs. Any day now I hope.