Monday, July 9, 2012

It finally happened!

Several weeks ago I posted about helping my friends start their own flock of chickens. 

I mentioned in my post that I could not wait for that phone call saying they got their first egg.  Well, it finally happened last night!  Ethan went into their coop to lock up and do a head count when he noticed an egg in the nest box, and I got a text message with picture right after!  I am so excited for them, because this is when the fun begins!

One of my favorite things in life is collecting eggs from my chickens.  It never gets old for me, and every morning there is a sense of excitement.  I can't wait for my group of girls to start laying so I can experience this daily wonder again.  I have such an appreciation and am in awe that a beast can make such a perfect, smooth, nutrient packed, ovoid shaped object.  An object that is so simple, yet so complex and something that nourishes me on a daily basis.  

Congratulations Remy family, this is the best part about sharing your life with chickens.  This is the part where you are rewarded for all of your hard work, and store bought eggs are now a part of your past!



  1. Congratulations on their first egg. There is just no comparision between the runny old store-bought eggs and a fresh one from your own hen. I'm glad you are helping other people get started with their own chickens.

  2. I remember the excitement of our first egg. The kids all wanted their picture taken with it!

  3. First eggs are so exciting! I anxiously am waiting to get an egg from my spring chicks.

  4. Never gets old, does it? Visiting from the Barn Hop. Have a good one!

  5. The first egg! That's always so exciting and then trying to figure out who laid what and how the look different than the others. Tell them Congratulations!

  6. There is something about that first egg that always requires a picture. I know I have pictures of the first egg from each of my batchs of hens.