Monday, August 20, 2012

Posting by braille...

For several months now Katzya has been struggling on her horseback riding.  She had been riding Western Pleasure for the last 2 years however recently she started riding hunt seat.  Here is where the problem lies.... While riding in this discipline you must learn how to post and it is very important that your horse is on the correct diagonal when you are posting.  Let me explain....

The trot is a two beat gait.  When the horse trots it extends forward it's left rear foreleg, and right hind leg.  Then it reaches forward with it's right foreleg and left hind leg.  Hence the diagonal legs are synchronized.  With a trot there are always two hooves on the ground and two in suspension.  When riding a horse at a trot it is the rider that needs to be aware of what diagonal pair to rise or sit on to help the horse balance and flex.

Katzya was so frustrated and just could not get the concept of when to post.  Not only was she frustrated, but it was frustrating for us and her trainer as well.  Finally, after we were all at our wit's end with the situation I asked Tammy if she could try blindfolding Katzya to see if she could feel the diagonal.  (I had read on the Internet that this sometimes works...)  Tammy really put her through the paces, figuring out that Katzya felt things backwards.  When she should be raising, she was sitting.  Somehow Tammy got through to Katzya what was supposed to happen by having her take her feet out of the stirrups and feel Opie's shoulders when he was moving.  And from there on out I am not exactly sure what or how it happened, but it did!  (I was trying not to watch...)  Seeing your child want something so badly, and not being able to have it, is the equivalent of watching a border collie try to get a tennis ball that is stuck underneath your couch.  It is just plain pathetic!  Well, she practiced with Tammy and she was nailing her diagonals on Opie.  We went home and she practiced on her other horse, and again she had it!  She was so excited, that I am fairly sure her feet did not touch the ground until the next day.  She was absolutely floating!

She showed Sunday and even in her classes she never missed her diagonals.  I am so excited for her, and proud that she was finally able to get this.  This is probably the first thing that I have ever seen her want so badly and to see her finish her goal of achieving it is beyond amazing.  I must say, I am proud to call that young lady my daughter!  


  1. wow thats so awesome! I am currently horse back riding and can't get the idea of posting so maybe I should try this too! thanks for sharing!

  2. You're welcome Robin! Good luck on your riding experience. It is hard work!