Friday, August 3, 2012

The Adventures of Ziggy: Charleston Falls

Hi it's Ziggy here!  I went hiking with my mommy this week.   We hiked 5 miles and it was so hot out, but I had a great time.  We do this thing called letterboxing and we were on a mission to plant 8 boxes.  (If you have any human puppies and you like to hike you should give this hobby a try.)

Along the way I met several other doggie friends and we went off trail a bit and startled a doe and her fawn.  It took me a minute to realize what those big brown things were, and then it was on!  Oh, and they left behind these little round, heavenly smelling things that were about the size of jellybeans.  I loved the way they smelled so much I rolled all over them and then I smelled heavenly as well!  My mommy said something about me smelling terrible, but you know parents.... they know NOTHING!

At the end of the hike my mommy tried to get me to wade through the creek.  Ummm, there was no chance I was getting in that water!  It was too much like a bath and I did not want to clean off my Perfume O' Deer Poo.  My mommy took a video.  I think you will find it most impressive how well I have her trained!  She realized I meant it when I told her "no getting wet!", and she came back across and carried me to dry land.  Good human!  Well, you all behave until my next adventure.  I will try to behave as well, but I am making no promises!

Woof an Kisses,


  1. HaHa Way to go Ziggy!! You sure have Momma Em trained well!! Huggs and Kisses Lil Man we Miss You!!!

  2. Oh we love rolling in deer candy too!! And it taste yummy as well. BOL!

  3. That's my boy!! Stubborn thing that he is...LOL! But would you expect any different from him. bahahaha!