Monday, October 1, 2012

American Gothic and a Busy Weekend

It was a long weekend here at Rainbow Acres.  The Reluctant Farmer and I were very busy!  We were house sitting at the Remy household as well as house sitting at another house.  On top of all of this we also have our own farm to tend.  I am not sure how this happened, usually I would check my day planner before booking 2 major house sitting jobs, but obviously I did not do that for some reason.  Just for fun I decided to add up how many animals we had under our care this weekend.  The totals were:

60 chickens
22 dogs
12 rabbits
9 cats

That is a lot of work!

On top of all the house sitting that we did, our town has a Mum Festival every year and our daughter marched in the parade and wanted to go shopping at the festival.  There were some really neat things at the festival this year.  One of which was this cool necklace that I bought for myself as a reward for all of my hard work this weekend!  The charm is a picture of the American Gothic painting that Grant Wood painted in 1930, and the coolest thing is that the charm is recycled from an old Scrabble tile!  I love when someone can recycle something common and turn it into something amazing!

It was a long weekend, but we survived and I got an awesome little trinket to show for it!


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