Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just a brief word....

I would like to just say a brief word before getting back to my regularly scheduled program.....

Several weeks ago I signed up for Google Adsense and agreed to allow advertisements be present on the right sidebar of this blog.  How this works it that I get a little bit of money every time someone reading my blog clicks on the advertisement.  Will this make me rich?  No.....  Will I be able to quit my job?  Not yet.... Will it help off set my chicken food bill?  I hope so!

So many people have this on their blog, that I did not think to mention it to my readers.  Evidently this has upset a few readers, as one reader wrote me a very angry letter this morning about my advertisement for the Republican party.  (I rarely say never, but in this case I will say: there will NEVER be any talk about politics in this blog.)  It is just not my thing.....

Let me explain a few more things:

1)  The advertisement is NOT controlled by me.  It just picks random advertisements based on key words in my blog.  I repeat I HAVE NO CONTROL!

2)  If you click on these ads then great, the farm gets a little money.  If not, no worries!  Do as you wish.

3)  I respect all of my reader's choices and beliefs.  We may not have the same beliefs, but that is what makes the world an interesting place to live in.  We can all live and learn from each other.

4) I don't mind constructive critiques, and am more than happy to talk to anyone about what I have been doing on the farm.  Please remember though, I am a real person who sits behind this computer screen  writing everyday.  Be nice.....


  1. My husband's blog got the same uncontrolled ads. I think there was some type of preference selection but it never worked out that way. I wish you could control them because the readership would tend to click on the ones that were more in line with the type of blog it is so you would get more out of it. I don't think a lot of people realize that you have nothing to do with the content.

  2. You can choose some preferences but its pretty much out of your hands, that's true. I think in addition to not realizing you don't control the content, many readers don't understand that writing a blog takes time and there is a cost, so any blogger who puts up ads to try and cover that cost as well as make a little extra for chicken feed is NOT selling out or any less of a person.

    Maybe instead of the Google ads, try Amazon Associate. You can actually choose the products that are shown, so you DO have control there, its not quite as passive.