Saturday, October 27, 2012

Better than Pintrest!

All week I have been putting together accessories for my nephew's Halloween costumes.  My part this year was the decorating of treat bags and a hat for Isaac's friendly ghost costume.  I am not overly crafty, but I can manage a glue gun and some acrylic paint.  What I now know I can't handle is glitter!  Even glitter that is well planned out is a mess, as one friend on my Facebook page mentioned:  It is the herpes of crafts!  

In the making of Isaac's hat I had glitter everywhere.  In fact with the overcast weather, and the glitter all over my body I resembled a character off the Twilight movies!  I put the finishing touches on the hat this morning, an hour before we were ready to march in the Halloween parade.  I think it ended up looking great, and the best part is that he actually wore the hat!  (There is nothing more frustrating than putting a lot of time and effort into a costume only to have the toddler not wear it.....)  

We had a great time although it was freezing cold, and Cooper got second place in the 2 year old boy costume contest for his Sheriff costume!  

The new Sheriff in town: Cooper!

Waldo Abby and Isaac the Friendly Ghost!

Amos the Horse and Katzya the Equestrian

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  1. What fun Halloween costumes! I love doing the fun costume part of Halloween.