Friday, October 19, 2012

Autographs and a Fountain Coke

This morning was supposed to start off uneventful enough, however as soon as my alarm sounded I knew that was not going to be a reality.  I was running very late taking Katzya to school, so I quickly threw a sweatshirt over my pajamas, a headband in my hair, and drove her to school in all my glory.  If you can picture this, my hair resembled a Brillo pad that had been caught in the garbage disposal.  It was a hot mess! I had no time to brush my teeth, and I was wearing pajama pants that were adorned with some outlandish cartoon characters on them.  I was honestly a fair candidate for one of those People of Walmart photos.  

After dropping Katzya off at school I decided I would run past McDonald's for breakfast in order to speed up my morning routine.  As I pulled up to the speaker one of the women that I have known for years says, "I didn't know you were famous!"  I laughed and was a bit confused.  At the window, another woman said: "Hey, are you Emily?"  I confirmed that I was indeed Emily, and was slightly confused as to how she knew my name.  (I am still half asleep at this point and the fountain Coke has not kicked in yet...)  She excitedly tells me that she saw me on television Thursday night, and she was very excited about the blue eggs that I was talking about.  I immediately knew that the urban farm documentary they had taped here at my house must have been on the air!  I thanked the woman for her kind words and drove to the next window where another woman exclaimed, "It is you!  Can I have your autograph?!"  Of course, like the half asleep but still quick witted person that I am, I quickly replied: "Seriously?!"  I realized right away she was serious and signed the paper that she handed me.  Stellar!  This is how I look the moment people determine that I am worthy of signing their napkins?!  

For those of you that have asked, and those of you that just want a good laugh I have added a link to my video interview below.  (Click on the picture of the rock, Mom!)  Minus my hair, I think it turned out pretty well....

Video and show credits go to Whitney Davis at KIT-TV.

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  1. Good job Emmy. This video definately made me smile and seriously consider planting something in the spring