Sunday, February 3, 2013

Movin' on up!

When we arrived Friday to the scene, we were warned that there was a dog in the bathroom.  He was locked in there by a friend of the owner because he was supposedly aggressive.  Everyone working on the scene referred to him as "Bathroom Dog".  He was snared by the animal control staff in order to remove him from the bathroom, but it was quickly realized that he was acting out because he was afraid.

He was left at the animal shelter because of his less then happy personality, and I did not see him again until Monday night.  I went out to the shelter to see what dogs were there on Monday, and while I was there one of the shelter employees was taking pictures of the dogs to feature them on the internet.  He was getting his picture taken and looked so pathetic. 

"Bathroom Dog" was still so scared that when you talked to him he would tuck his tail and head, look down and pee everywhere.  It was easy to see that the environment of a kennel was not doing this dog any justice. Concerned he would not come around, I decided to take him home and work with him.  Clearly being stuck in a bathroom for several days with no food or water, having strangers come into your house, never getting any visitors at your house, and being taken to the shelter was too much for this boy.

When I took him home all he did was sleep.  He slept for nearly 2 days!  I am guessing that he was not used to having a comfortable place to sleep and the quietness was probably a refreshing change.  Obviously you can tell that after he rested and relaxed he was a new boy!  Because he was turning into a new boy, I decided he deserved a new name.  Meet Louie the Border Collie!  Get it?!  Loo is the British slang term for toilet, hence he became Louie!  Okay, that might have been funnier in my head....  The best part of the story is that Louie has a new shot at life through a committed rescue, and will find his forever home soon!



  1. Bless you for taking a chance on Louie - you are his angel!

  2. Wow, what a sad story, yet with a happy ending. Thanks for taking him in and loving him. I'm fostering one of the dogs from there.



    1. Thanks for fostering Kym! Which one are you fostering? Would love to see pictures! :)