Saturday, February 2, 2013

Somewhere out there!

My name is Marty.  You may remember me, I was one of the dogs rescued from the Maplewood puppy mill.  ( ) I am writing you to remind you that I am still looking for a forever home.  Can you help me?!

You see, I have been working real hard on being the best boy I can be.  I have been working on my house training and that is going really well for me.  I do sometimes forget and hike my leg in the house, but my foster mommy says that is not a huge deal because at 4.5 pounds, my tinkle spot is only the size of a quarter!  She has these things called "belly bands" and I wear those in case I forget and hike my leg.  My foster mom says those will go with me to my new home.

I am still shy, but I have been learning how to trust people, and I am getting so brave!  I now LOVE to sit on  my human's lap and watch television.  But, do you know what I love even more then that?!  I LOVE sleeping in my human's bed.  I sleep all night and don't get up until the next morning.  Never fear though, if sleeping with me is not something you are interested in, I am crate trained too.

I am hoping my new family is out there and I pray they have the patience to adopt a little boy like me.  I am not perfect, but you probably aren't either.  Let's be perfect for each other!  I promise I will give you unconditional love and understanding if you do the same for me!

Love, Marty


  1. Marty we want you in our family (the Hubbard's)!!! I have sent in adoption application. Praying for you sweet little boy

    1. Are you Jeffrey and Jim's friends? I had told them about him today, and was wondering. I called my rescue partner and told her to look for the application. I hope it all works out because Marty is so sweet and deserves a loving and understanding home. Paws crossed!

    2. No, (my name is Kelly Hubbard)I am a friend of Angie Terando's and I have been in love with Marty since his picture was first posted. The last one you posted of him not wanting to get out of bed sealed the deal! I finally got my husband talked in to saving him! I have a very mature 6 year old daughter, along with 2 other maltese that are spoiled rotten. I think Marty would be a great addition to our family!!!!