Friday, September 12, 2014

Give me back my testicles!

Two weeks ago we pulled a very scared, un-socialized Border Collie from our animal shelter.  As luck would have it we found a rescue for him and agreed we would keep him for two weeks until another foster home came available.  

He came to us a trembling mess of nerves hardly able to stand, and with his tail tucked so tightly underneath him, that it looked like hid tail had been docked.  He left a jolly sort, minus two testicles, whom had finally known love.  

Now I don't speak dog, but I think I completely understand what he was trying to tell me today:

Thanks for everything!  
The love, the kindness, the fun!  
But give me back my testicles....

Thank you Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue for giving this guy and the many other a chance at life.  

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